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Embrace the vibrancy of LGBTQAI+ celebrations with Daywash events, a trusted companion producing unforgettable gay dance party extravaganzas since 2004, and dive into a world where the vibe is fun, friendly, and undeniably sexy. We pride ourselves on creating inclusive, electrifying events that delight party-goers locally and internationally. Our electrifying parties draw in a diverse crowd from all walks of life, we're more than just an event - we're a community! With nearly two decades in the biz, we're dedicated to enriching our community connections and always seeking innovative ways to elevate your party attendance. Experience the exuberance of Daywash events where inclusivity, joy, and the freedom to be yourself are celebrated with glamour and fun. Leave any worries behind and immerse yourself in the rainbow of love and acceptance on dance floors that are the perfect escape where anyone can unplug, let loose, and let their true colours shine. Our reputation is built on high production values and a steadfast commitment to creating the best dance party experience. Daywash events have become an international hotspot, pumping life and colour into Sydney's gay dance scene with renowned DJs and artists. Join us for unforgettable events like the Candyland circuit day party or the iconic KiKi gay pool party on Mardi Gras weekend. We've also teamed up with some of the best in the business such as Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Harbour Party, XCAPE (Stockholm), The Matinee Group Circuit Festival Party and La Leche (Barcelona), Papa Party (Tel Aviv), WE Party (UK), Trade (London), Xlsior (Mykonos), Jake Resnicow (USA), Jeffrey Sanker White Party (USA), Freemasons (UK), RAM (USA), Guapo Fiesta (Brazil) and more delivering unforgettable Sydney gay pride party experiences.


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