Candyland Mardi Gras Weekend

Dedicated to indulging party-goers across Australia with the absolute pinnacle in clubbing experiences, Daywash Events has firmly established itself as a brand synonymous with exceptional events.

Since its launch in 2004, Daywash Events have staged Australia’s most acclaimed and continually sold out dance parties that have gained a devoted audience of both local and international party-lovers.

Our passion for creating parties where people can coat check their lives at the door for a few hours and escape on the dance floor is just one of the reasons people can’t seem to get enough of.

Our signature event Daywash is the promised land of dance parties continuously selling out venues and pulling in friendly crowds of 2000 people plus whenever it is staged.

Daywash is like a clubbing beacon for international party-hunters who flock to Sydney for each event. This iconic party has featured a cavalcade of international and local performing artists and talented DJs who have single- handedly raised the benchmark of the Sydney clubbing scene.

2019 marks a decade of Daywash, 10 consecutive years, and now Daywash Events have their sights set on bringing this premier party on the road, to the clubbing capitals of the world.

No stranger to the touring circuit, Daywash Events has already successfully spread its party magic along the coast of NSW as well as leading Australian cities including Sydney, Melbourne, & Brisbane.


Our unchallenged reputation for hosting the nation’s most acclaimed dance party affords us an instantaneous audience even in new territories for a debut.

Daywash Events brings Daywash to party-hungry crowds throughout the world. With our sights set on Barcelona, London, Rome, New York City, Los Angeles and Auckland, we’re confident this tour will be the first of many to come.

Our tour package will consist of our exceptional league of mainstay DJs as well as collaborations with infamous DJ talent and performing artists from each city we tour.

As a brand that is synonymous with high production values and guaranteed delivery of the absolute best club- bing experiences looking to align with mutual promotion companies that shares the same vision for success.